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Starmind for sales organizations

Global sales organizations increase
win-rates and close deals faster with Starmind by capitalizing on
organization-wide expertise in real time.

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win rates

Identify knowledge, experiences and insights from across the globe, which can be used to sharpen subsequent proposals and improve conversions.

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sales cycles

Respond to potential customer queries faster to gain momentum.

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Spend more time selling

Free up your reps to focus on selling – not searching – so they can win more business.

Enterprise sales teams around the world trust Starmind

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"Especially for new colleagues at Dräger, the enormous amount of information on many different channels about our multitude of products is very difficult to grasp. Starmind has significantly reduced this complexity, giving us an intuitive tool for fast information retrieval and independent learning. That has helped us improve the training process for new employees, and we can answer customer inquiries independently much faster".

Martin Meis, Team Leader Sales Consumables & Accessories Germany Region West, Dräger

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