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How it works

Starmind’s powerful AI analyzes the millions of data points your teams create every day to build a secure, real-time Expertise Directory for your organization.

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Powered by AI, built for human connection

When an employee has a question, Starmind connects them in real-time to colleagues with the exact expertise they need  — no matter their title or location.

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Need help resolving a problem, but don’t know who to ask? Type in your question, in your preferred language, right where you’re already working — no need to switch to a new app. 

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Starmind’s AI core analyzes the question, then consults your AI-based enterprise-wide Expertise Directory to identify the people who can answer.

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Starmind routes your question to a small number of the most relevant people across your organization, who can respond quickly, providing specialist, tacit knowledge. Questions are answered with a 95% resolution rate.

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Once your question is answered, Starmind automatically stores the responses, feeding it back to the AI core and making knowledge easily accessible for others in the future. This way if a similar question is asked again, previous questions and responses will pop up automatically.

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Stay up-to-date on topics relevant to your expertise with personalized feeds,  topic subscriptions and StarGPT.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Starmind’s AI find the right expert?

By making sense of the data you already have. Starmind’s powerful AI analyzes the millions of data points your teams create every day and uses the results to autonomously build a real-time network of your organization’s expertise. Questions go to people who can help, resulting in timely, high-quality answers.

What kind of data does Starmind use?

The main source of data is Starmind itself. Every question, answer and interaction provides an extra data point and helps the algorithm become even smarter.

You can also use Starmind to connect to the apps you already use and use your teams’ outputs to build a real-time knowledge network. The algorithm only looks at customer-defined internal information, like open chat channels — private data stays private.

How does Starmind keep our information safe?

Starmind is GDPR-compliant, ISO-certified and adheres to world-class data security standards. We work with Fortune 500 companies in some of the world's most secure industries.

Your proprietary information remains private and completely within your organization, with granular subsets you control. Your data is never stored, just learned from — and only for your system, not others. Enterprise-grade tech accelerates the speed of knowledge sharing inside your organization while protecting your IP.

Does Starmind integrate with third-party tools or platforms?

Starmind’s AI is ready to work with whatever tools you already use, and it continues to learn about your organization’s knowledge from your interactions on those apps. By integrating Starmind into the places where work happens, expertise is available on-demand in the moments that matter. 

What makes Starmind different from AI assistants, such as Microsoft 365 Copilot?

AI-powered assistants are great for learning people’s individual preferences and simplifying tasks. But translating that value to the entire organization is a different challenge. 

Tools like Copilot focus on your individual, private data, which means they only know about your previous interactions. Insights are only shared with you, and they’re only meant to make your life easier. Instead of focusing on individual users, Starmind leverages the strengths of your entire organization to transform the way you work.

Does Starmind offer generative AI capabilities?

Yes! With StarGPT, you can use your own private large language model and generative AI platform with instant human expert verification. Drive faster, smarter decision-making, and streamline critical processes across your organization. You’ll use a familiar ChatGPT-style interface and work with an array of data sources from across your organization — all while keeping data secure and confidential.

What happens if a question has been asked before?

In any organization, the same questions come up a lot. Normally, that means extra work for a few experts. Starmind reduces their workload by identifying similar questions and providing instant access to previous answers.

Why are questions anonymous?

We partnered with the University of Zurich to study how anonymity affects user behavior in asking and answering questions. We found that when questions are anonymous, people of all seniority ask more questions and the quality of the questions and answers improve, helping everyone access the information needed quickly and efficiently.