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At Starmind, we believe that AI has the potential to transform the way the world works — by enhancing human intelligence, not replacing it.

In just 10 years, this simple idea has helped us become one of Europe’s fastest growing AI companies. Today, we’re backed by some of the continent’s best VC investors and our always-expanding team includes leading minds from Airbnb, Twitter, Salesforce, Zuora and more.

Want to join us? Take a look at current openings below.

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Meet our experts

  • Sarah Dobson
    Sarah Dobson
    Strategic Account Director and expert in pool parties
  • 220321_1077_new
    Ronan Kirby
    CCO and expert at ultra adventure racing
  • Matthew Swinden
    Matthew Swinden
    Head of People and expert in making a proper cup of tea
  • 220321_0316_new
    Marc Vettiger
    Software Engineer and expert in Surfing
  • Stefan Jacobs
    Stefan Jacobs
    Software Engineer and expert in defending the Apple ecosystem
  • 220321_0911_new
    Randall Beck
    Customer Success Manager and expert in frisbee
  • 220321_0644_new
    Lucy Carmichael
    Senior Digital Marketing Manager and expert in vegetarian cooking
  • Daniel Hermann
    Daniel Hermann
    Customer Success Manager and expert on intercultural communication
  • 221006_433_new
    Felix Mitrovics
    Sales Development Representative and expert in boxing
  • Hans-Peter Frey
    Hans-Peter Frey
    Data Scientist and expert on modern architecture
  • Tanbir Mann
    Tanbir Mann
    Solution Architect and expert in planning and organising
  • Riccardo Trombini
    Riccardo Trombini
    Chief Technology Officer and expert in wakesurfing and swell
  • Jan Cristina
    Jan Cristina
    Head of AI and expert in Papier-mâché
  • Patrick Camacho
    Patrick Camacho
    Sales Operations Manager and expert in poker
  • 221006_125_new
    Nina Maier
    HR Operations Specialist and expert in mixing margaritas
  • 220321_0206_new
    Clemens Hagg
    Sales Director and expert in fishing the world’s oceans, rivers, creeks, and lakes
  • Reto Heusser
    Reto Heusser
    Senior Software Engineer and expert on the right music at the right place
  • 220321_0668_new
    Stephan Mannhart
    DevOps Engineer and expert in mechanical keyboards
  • Patricia Roth
    Patricia Roth
    Head of Product and expert in collecting vinyl records
  • Christian Moser
    Christian Moser
    Head of Engineering and expert in skateboarding and 360° flips
  • Felix Kieber
    Felix Kieber
    Software Engineer and expert in theatre and acting
  • Vanessa Trantes
    Vanessa Trantes
    UX Designer and expert in acrylic painting
  • Marc Vontobel
    Marc Vontobel
    Founding CTO turned CEO and expert in navigating ships to the nicest places on Lake Zurich